I’m Roland Bracewell Shoemaker, a systems engineer interested in cryptography, PKI, DNS, distributed services, and a bunch of other somewhat interesting subjects.

I’m currently working as a Software Engineer with ISRG (Internet Security Research Group) at the Linux Foundation on building Boulder, the various backend services that power the free Certificate Authority Let’s Encrypt. I am also a EFF Technical Fellow.

Although originally from Sheffield in North England, I currently live in the much warmer Oakland, CA where I work on various open source projects, play with kittens, and eat lots of sandwiches. If you’d like to contact me you can via email or twitter.

This site is built using Jekyll and a mutant amalgam of the N-Coded theme for Ghost and Tufte-CSS, all of which are super great. Yay Markdown! I also use Cloudflare which is a pretty great free service.